Have you ever noticed that cigarettes haven’t changed much since their development in the early 1900’s? Well, we decided it’s about time someone changed that.

It seems ironic that our industry which prides itself in offering unlimited varieties of tobaccos, has so few options when it comes to the tubes to put them in. Granted there are a lot of different brands, but which of these is really offering something unique. Which of these, aside from the price, provides something that the others don't.

During our design process, we set out to create a new style of cigarette tube. A style that stands out from the competition. A style that has distinct character. A style that gives our valued customers what they've never had before - originality.

Next, we needed to be sure that our products performed as good as they look. Most manufacturers cut corners by shortening the filter element in their tubes. This saves them alot of money since 90 percent of production costs are based on the filter. However, we know that there is more to a successful product than simply being the cheapest. That’s why we extended our filter by 15 percent. The result is a much smoother smoke without removing any of the taste of your preferred tobacco.

Since the release of the Beretta™ Original series in January 2010, our sales are confirming that we're not the only ones who think this is a good idea. Here's what some of our valued customers had to say - Comments / Reviews

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