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"Great Product. I've tried a number of other tubes before finding Beretta. Cheaper tubes rip easily when fillling and burn unevenly, sometimes too quickly. Not Beretta. Your tubes are #1 in my book."
- Steve - Wallingford, CT

"Love the tubes! Great look and even greater price!"
- Colin Whishard - Chambersburg, PA

"We love the tubes. My friends and family will drive 28 miles just to get them. The price is great and the taste is even better. Thank you for a great tube."
- Bonnie Willmore - McLeansboro, IL

"Love the full flavor tube, rolls great and taste is fantastic, since I started smoking them several people have switched to Beretta after smoking one of mine. Can't wait to start selling the new one's coming out. Sure to be another hit."
- Terry - Durant, OK

"I would love for Beretta to come out with 100's. My hubby uses [the Originals] and loves them, I'm jealous because I want them too! They do have a distinguished look and he says the smoke is unequalled!"
- Dawn Smith - Wormelsdorf, PA

"I just want to tell you your cigarette tubes are awesome. I tried other tubes from other companies before and I'm really satisfied with yours. Everything on them are perfect!"
- Daniel Valentine - France

"Finally, someone has come up with the best tube I've found so far. These tubes are great, no crimping just before the filter like the many others I've tried. The paper seems to be thicker and doesn't fold at the ends while placing tube on the rolling machine and the tobacco goes all the way to the filter. Thank you for that and getting it right... you have a satisfied customer in me."
- Steve G. - Brownsboro, TX

"Best tubes ever made. Works with every roller, quality paper, great price and taste. I'll never use another brand again!"
- James B. - Wickliffe, OH

"Beretta tubes make a great smoke, the slightly larger diameter tube makes packing a cigarette a breeze with my Top-O-Matic cigarette injector while other tubes give me problems, Thanks."
- Rod Readeau - New Orleans, LA

"I've used a few different tubes over the past couple of years. Received my first carton of Beretta's yesterday and they have now become my favorite. The smoothest and best taste I've ever had, works great with my Excel injector."
- Di - Dallas, TX

"Thanks for being so innovative!"
- Mathew - St. Peters, PA

"I love the Berettas... I haven't found anything else I like as well as Zen-- and I have tried a few since Zen has been out of stock so often. These are at least as good, and the black tip is a classy touch."
- Leigh Thames-McDougal -

"Love them... Have been using Zen for the last year, and picked up a couple of boxes to try out. I am using these full time now. Less paper taste, yet a little thicker. Packs easy and the black filter is a great design. They feel like a firmer, steadier smoke. How can you not like a tube named 'Beretta'"
- Matt Johnson -

"Less paper taste then anything I’ve ever tried. My Excel has a worn deformed nozzle and yet these tubes load onto the machine easily."
- Moe Marchetti

"The Beretta tube is an excellent tube... Also for a fashion statement, you can't beat the black filter. I'm looking forward to trying the company's Light tubes and Menthol tubes when they release them for retail. You won't be disappointed in this tube."
- Jody Renaldo - Pearl, MS

"Bought on a whim, we have been trying different things with Zen being out of stock so often. Pretty good tubes, with no strange paper taste."
- Ryan Zalewski -

"After trying a few I have to say I approve...
Sharp looking tube, stands out without being gawdy/over the top. Burns evenly, not too fast."
- Bruce - WellFleet, MA

"I am not disappointed. I've only been smoking Gamblers & Premier tubes so I am certainly no expert, but they do have more of a neutral taste than those two. I passed them around to a few folks today and they thought they were a better smoke than the standard Premeir, Gamblers, Tops... These things do look good."
- Jon -

"Well, I have to say that I am impressed with these. Beretta is one of the best looking tubes on the market right now."
- Nicholas - Milwaukee, WI


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